ThunderWalker II: Rolling Thunder
Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is ThunderWalker II
  2. How do I install ThunderWalker II? [thanks geezer]
  3. Why does TW2 install in the ctf directory?
  1. Explain how the sniper mode works?
  2. Why are there two different grapple hooks?
  1. What are the different Techs?
  1. What's with the Kamikazi?
  2. What do the Flares do?
  3. What's with this teleporter?
  1. What are your feelings on LMCTF or other patches?
  2. Is the source code available for TW2?
  3. What is EPIC?


Q. What is ThunderWalker II?

A.  ThunderWalker II is an addon for id Software's version of Quake 2 Capture the Flag.  TW2 adds several new features, balances out various components of the original game, and adds new tactics and styles of play.

Q: How do I install ThunderWalker II?

A: First off you obviously need Quake2 installed -- for example purposes let's say you install it to C:\QUAKE2. Download the latest Q2 update (3.14) from the following location:

After installing that, grab the latest Q2 CTF:

You should now have a CTF directory under your QUAKE2 directory, which will contain several files, including a PAK0.PAK file.

Download the latest TW2:

And the latest patch update:

Extract these files into your C:\QUAKE2 directory, making sure you extract into the proper subdirectories (with WinZip make sure you click the Use Folder Names box).

Q. Why does TW2 install in the ctf directory?

A.  Because TW2 is an addon to id's CTF, it must install in the same directory.  Id's CTF used the file "pak0.pak" to hold the maps, models and sounds.  TW2 is using "pak5.pak" and "pak6.pak".  You can safely copy TW2 into the CTF  directory.

If you get a query about copying one DLL over another, and you only play the game as a client and not a server, you can safely do that.  The DLL is used only by a server and controls whether you are running a CTF or TWCTF server.

(aka RUNES)

Q.  What are the different Techs?

A.  ThunderWalker II has a total of eight different powerups in the game, known as "techs".  You may also hear them referred to as "runes", as this was their name in the Quake 1 version of ThunderWalker.


Q. Explain how the sniper mode works?

A.  The railgun normally fires a steel or similiar "slug" at speeds said to approach the speed of light.  This has a positive and a negative effect.  On the plus side, the kenetic energy of the slug doesn't bleed off as quickly and it can pass through several people, effectively hurting them all.  However, because it moves so fast, the actual "hole" made in the target is relatively small as is the overall damage.  In addition, the luminous trail left by the slug's super-heating of the air makes concealment difficult.

Soldiers of the TW2 world have found a way to address some of the shortcomings of the railgun.  By installing a governor on the railgun, they can slow the slug down slightly before it leaves the weapon.  The slug will then apply all of its damage to a single target instead of passing lazily through it.  In addition, the slug will no long super-heat the air it passes through, eliminating the tell-tale trail.

Unfortunately, the goveror quickly breaks down.  After five shots the governor will be useless and the weapon will be able to fire in the hypervelocity mode only.

You can toggle your type of fire with the "sniper" command while holding the railgun.

Q. Why are there two different grapple hooks?

A.  Soldiers of the TW2 world are equipped with a grappling hook fired from a hand-held weapon that uses compressed air as a propellant.  This weapon has the benefit of being exceedingly fast and easy to use.  However, one drawback is that the soldier must put away his or her weapon in order to ready the grappling gun.  During intense fire-fights, this might not be acceptable.

One creative soldier came up with the idea of attaching a lightweight cable to a small winch attached to her belt and using her free hand (not currently holding a weapon) to throw out a diamond-tipped harpoon.  The harpoon would then attach and the winch would pull her to the location, all the while allowing her to continue combat.  This "offhand" grapple has since become standard issue.

One slight drawback of the "offhand" grapple, however, is that it is thrown by hand and thus very slow compared to the grapple gun.  Also, the belt-mounted winch is likewise much slower than that in the gun.

The command "offhand" will throw your offhand grapple.  Executing the command again will release it.


Q. What's with the Kamikazi?

A.  Some commanders have found it effective to send soldiers into the field carrying the R&M 4501 Tactical Nuclear Detonator.  The detonator can be exploded by field personnell and those close to ground zero can face imminent death.  Unfortunately, the soldier carrying the detonator will be killed in the explosion.

However, nuclear weapons are difficult to produce and governed by certain laws.  In addition, nuking all of your soldiers makes for poor battlefield strategy.  Thus, new recruits are randomly selected to carry a detonator.

The command "kami" will detonate your nuclear bomb.

Q. What do the flares do?

A.  When you fire a flare (the command is "flare"), you will launch a lighted flare that will stick to most surfaces and produce a glow of light.  The glow will last a few seconds and then burn itself out.

You start each life with five flares and get reloaded if you capture the flag

Q. What's with this teleporter?

A.  Entering the command "teleport" will give you a quick and easy escape from any hectic situation.  There will be a short warmup and your Acme Teleportation Device will engage and transport you to a random location on the map.  Note, however, that carrying the flag interferes with the teleporter and it will not engage.

You have the battery power for one teleportation per life, and that battery is recharged if you capture the flag.  If you have the Commando Rune, you are given unlimited teleports.


Q. What are your feelings on LMCTF or other patches?

A.  We do not consider ourselves in "competition", per se, with the other CTF and Quake variants available.  We are just trying to make a fun game.  It is natural for people to compare one game to another and we welcome those discussions.

Q. Is the source code available for TW2?

A.  For two reasons, we have decided to not make the source code for TW2 available to the general public:

Q. What is EPIC?

A.  At this time, we are releasing very few details on what EPIC is.  This is largely so that someone doesn't capitalize on our work.  Suffice to say that EPIC is a team-oriented combat TC due out in beta form by mid-summer.  EPIC is a codename due to the fact that the overall combat will be "EPIC" in scope.  The actual name will change before release to prevent confusion with other "EPIC" names in the gaming industry.