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August 24, 1998
New Beta Soon

There will be a new beta released tonight, or tomorrow, but I'm hoping tonight. This beta will have the readme missing from the last one. This beta fixes some major issues with the protection rune(tech, whatever) that were pointed out to me. It should work more rightly now. Also, if I get to it, I'll drop in that v-wep support stuff.

August 21, 1998

Hey, you know what would have been cool? It would have been great if I'd remembered to release a readme with that last beta release. I really should do that soon. Hopefully tonight.

August 19, 1998
New Beta

The new beta is out. Clients have to get this too, sorry, I had hoped to avoid it, but the file was necessary.

tw2beta2.zip(local copy)
tw2beta2(CDROM et al)

gamei386.so.gz(local copy)Server only
gamei386.so.gz(CDROM et al)


Stormfront is a new site on Captured.com that covers everything you want to know about TW2. It's really quite stunning.

Also on Captured.com is an interview with Fezzik and me, in which I come across as an arrogant bastard. I'm quite proud of that :).


It has come to my attention that Bill.Heap@neicoltech.org may have done some things that would cause some to think he is a complete jerk.

New Beta Tonight

Rolling Thunder will see it's second beta for v2.0 released tonight. This beta will:
  • Have improved(I hope) Running
  • Ladders will work as before
  • Jumping will work right
  • That sbctf1/2 message is fixed
  • New Shotgun model(looks the same), this is so there's not that weird animation while idling.
  • Sniper Scope is working for resolutions of 320, 512, and 640.
  • On the sniper scope resolutions, I'm having a lot of trouble getting more than just those three. I need to know what resolutions are most common. I know that some people with their nasty voodoo2s can do 800x600, so I'd like to support that. I need to know if anyone really plays at 320x200 for it to be worth having in.

    This release will be for linux and win32. Expect it around 8:00pm CDT.

    August 17, 1998
    Timeline on next beta

    Man, you ever have a belch that just goes wrong? Sorry that just happened when I started to type. Anyhoo, I'm waiting on some info, but if it doesn't come in tomorrow, there will be a new beta release either late tomorrow or on Wednesday. Nothing huge, but ladders will work again and the scope might be done(I hope).

    Another quick note, due to a mail I got from Kerbuffel when I was updating the Captured.com page as two personalities(Panda and ]). I checked out his site and I really liked what I've seen. If you haven't you should go check it out.

    August 13, 1998
    Random thought

    This was supposed to be a day off from Quake, but instead I've got ladders working again as well as smoother running and a few other nicities.

    Now for the random thought:
    Don't you wish people would stop cheapening the Bill of Rights by referring to any guidelines as a bill of rights?

    August 12, 1998
    Too Cool

    This is just too cool not to mention. As seen on Blues and fully storied on ESPN Sportszone(from ESPN Magazine), The Griffey family playin' Quake! That is just great!

    Linux Binary

    The Linux version of TWII 2.0 beta is out. Get it here:


    File Page and Other Musings

    I have updated the Files Page to reflect the 2.0 beta release.

    As for the beta, things seem to be going smoothly, though it would be nice if there were a few more servers. It's a little rough here and there, but it's a beta so cope. I'm planning to release a server side upgrade on Friday or so that will have some tweaks, mostly to do with running. I'll be slowing it down a bit and doing some work on the jumping and ladder issues.

    August 11, 1998
    Yet Another Update

    Quick note: The cannot find sbctf1/2 is a known issue.

    I'll be updating and rearranging the files page over the next few days. Scroll down a bit for the files as they are listed on this news page.

    One other issue, after doing some playing, I have alread decided that the run speed will be slowed a bit in the next version....this version is just a bit too much I think. This is not final, so don't send mail on it...just an off the cuff observation.

    Another Update

    Found the time at work to make a magical all encompassing .zip for ThunderWalker CTF for QuakeII. This file is 18megs in size. If you have never downloaded TW for QuakeII, get this file and only this file. I'd also suggest that server ops might like to get this file as it solves the .cfg files in the pak5.pak file problem.

    Local: tw2_2all.zip

    CDROM et al: tw2_2all.zip

    An Update

    Seems the new .zip is working. By tonight I hope to have a linux binary up. I would like to have an all encompassing .zip up soon, but I am limited by my connection. I get about 0.2kps upload, so that will have to wait until I can take my little .zip disk somewhere and exploit a better connection. Like here at work, so I'll do that tomorrow as well. We'll probably have a solaris binary soon as well. I just have to send off the code to our solaris guy.

    Oh! Big congrats to tungsten for surviving his test thingy today!

    Let's Try this again

    Ok, I think I fixed things, so now the beta is released. It's win32 only right now, but there will be a linux binary up tonight. This file is required for both clients and servers. It has a pak6.pak in it, this should overwrite the pak6.pak you have in your directory, so don't panic about that. A special thanks to those who wrote about the error for being so quick and polite about it. All the messges were quite nice, surprisingly no "Hey, f(&*nut! What's going on?" type stuff. File works out to about 4megs.

    Here at ThunderWalker.net: tw2_2b1.zip

    CDROM and mirrors(may take a bit): tw2_2b1.zip

    Enjoy!(hope this works)

    August 10, 1998
    Ah, Crap!

    the .zip appears to be bad. this obviously sucks. i'll fix it tomorrow at work, my apologies.

    It's like out and stuff

    Ok kiddies, one small issue but it's out enough for me, since it's only a beta. It's one file for both servers and clients. It comes up to about 4 megs or so. There is one map that I didn't get, which is twsmall1. I'll have this released probably very late tonight when I get it.

    This is win32 only right now:
    We'll be mirrored on CDROM.com soon too. So you'll find it here in a bit.

    Enjoy!(and read that darn readme before you write, dammit!)

    Rolling Thunder 2.0 Readme

    Ok, for the curious, Here is the readme for the beta release tonight.

    I'd like to remind all of you that you will need to have the other TWII files to play, so if you don't have them yet, you may want to go do that now.

    August 9, 1998
    Rolling Thunder 2.0

    TWII 2.0 for QuakeII will be released on Monday as planned. However it will be released as a BETA. Almost everything is in, I just don't feel comfortable calling it the full 2.0 until after it's been banged around for a bit.

    As for the release itself, the news will appear here on the page. The release will occur when I make the files and when they are uploaded. There will not be one of those overblown, ridiculous IRC release parties. Sure they garner attention, but they are more trouble than they are worth, and I just find them silly. So keep checking the page tomorrow after 8:00pm CDT. The files will be released between 8:00 and 10:00 or so.

    August 4, 1998
    Quake 1 CTF Map vote

    Just got word from Dolomite of Dteam that they want your help in a vote for a mod they are working on. So head on over to The Poll and let 'em know what you think.

    August 4, 1998
    Rolling Thunder II

    Rolling Thunder 2.0 will be released on Monday August 10 if it kills me.

    Then I'm going to take a break from ThunderWalker(except for bug fixin') for a little bit. This is not a retirement, I'm just a little burned out on TW, so I'll take a couple weeks off to recharge. This last weekend I spent 5 days completely away from a computer and found it felt nice. As this long delay on 2.0 shows, I've been slacking and need a break in order to give TW the attention it really deserves. Attention and dedication that has really been lacking on my part, for this I apologize.

    August 3, 1998

    Back. Tired. Will get caught up over next two days. Cope

    July 26, 1998
    Radio Sounds

    It has been determined that radio sounds really are more annoying than anything for regular net play. However they have potential for clan battles and LAN activity. Therefore, we will release no radio sounds. We will however leave the funtionality in, with the server flag defaulted to off. We will provide instructions on how to create your own radio sounds for your Clan and so forth. This seems the best way to go and saves quite a bit of size in the downloads.

    LAN Party is Fun!

    I'm back from the MN LAN Party. Thanks to all who showed up and to those who made the efforts to organize it. I found it to be a great success. We had to cut out early, unfortunately, so I could get enough rest for the 6.5 hour drive home. I'll have more on the party tomorrow.

    July 22, 1998
    Delays, Delays, Delays

    I had hoped to beta test Rolling Thunder 2.0 tonight, but I was unable to do any work the last two nights due to some acts of God. Monday night we had some winds(up to 100mph) that sorta made the power flicker now and again which makes consistent computing difficult. Then last night I got to go spend 2 or so hours cleaning up all the branches and other crap from the storm which rather exhausted me. I'm hoping to beta on Monday, and if all goes well release will be a day or two after that.

    July 21, 1998
    Minnesota LAN Party

    Just a quick note to all Midwest TW people. This Saturday, the 25th, there is a LAN party in Minneapolis that both Fezzik and I are planning to attend. If you are interested, give a message to Redfame@Captured.com for more info. Hope to see a bunch of you there!

    July 17, 1998
    Rolling Thunder 2.0 Info

    First off I need to apologize for the lack of anything on this page. I've been remiss in releasing information about the 2.0 project and other things. I won't be able to do the big update for a couple hours, but I'm sneaking this stuff in right now.

    First off, 2.0 will be beta tested this coming Wednesday. Please do not write asking to be part, this is invitation only right now to get the kinks out. My hope is to have the full release by July 27th. It would be earlier but I'm going out of town that weekend. Here a few hints about what you will see:

    There are already in
    New flag skins
    4 new maps that are nice and tight
    Faster running
    Sniper scope
    Radio sounds with that TW twist
    New skins for the small CTF banners
    Ping Control
    Fixed Vampire/megahealth bug
    Fixed map change when map not part of maplist.cfg bug
    Skin Change between sniper and railgun mode

    Need t be done
    Player skins
    Large banner skins
    Perfect skin change for sniper
    Perfect scope
    Better sound customization
    Record non-lame radio sounds(recorded really bad ones for testing)
    Vwep support

    There is more, but I can't think of them right now. These are the plans. We still have a lot of testing to do, so NONE OF THESE ARE GUARANTEED! We may remove or add features as we see fit before release.

    July 15, 1998

    Tungsten using the heretofore unused, but very powerful Declaration Stick ©, has declared the TWICR over! We have ourselves some co-champions and stuff. The co-champs are the Ex-Presidents and Gods Unmatched. Congrats! Other awards went to:

    ]NADS[ BATMAN! --> Top Defender
    [Exp]Washington --> Top Offender
    Moacg[CNN] --> Top Sniper

    Full schtuff is to be found at the TWICR home page(that's http://icr.mpog.com/tw for our non-mindreading friends)

    William Preston(I hope I got this right)
    This will seem odd to many, but I felt the need to say something quick. I've been a fan of the Conan O'Brien show from the beginning of it. One of the true highlights from the beginning was the appearances of Carl 'Oldy' Olson. This started witht the Baseball strike when they built 2 teams made of 8 year olds and 80 year olds versus each other. He made many more appearances gleefully playing up his wizened appearance. Anyway, it was announced on the Tuesday show that William Preston had died over the weekend. A lot of pleasant late night moments are due to this man and he will be missed by a small, but loyal band of fans.

    July 13, 1998
    Earthquakes and stuff

    I just realized that it has been almost 6 years since I experienced an earthquake. I find I rather miss them.

    On another note, the TW page is gonna go through some small changes that will hopefully help to separate out the Quake1 from the Quake2 so I don't get as much mail from people who can't figure it out. The penalty for thinking differently than everyone else is that no one can follow what you've done.

    July 12, 1998
    Shaking Grapple Bug-Fix

    I recently fixed the bug in TW that causes players to shake violently when they are hanging from the grapple which results in being tossed around when they let the grapple go. I was recently told that this was a widespread problem in other mods, so I've decided to post my fix. Remember, this applies only to the hook in Zoids Q2CTF

    In the CTFGrapplePull function, when the self->owner->client->ctf_grapplestate == CTF_GRAPPLE_STATE_HANG, change the Grapple Pull speed to 200. You can't put it at 0 because you'll slowly fall.

    The issue is that when the player is hanging, the grapple is still trying to pull the player. The faster the pull speed, the more weird and confused the routine gets. A hanging speed of 200 seems to make it rock steady. Hope this make sense and helps!

    TW2 2.0 Update
    Rolling Thunder v2.0 is coming along very nicely. Looks like the programming will be done by the end of this week. We will then spend another week taking input and tweaking and testing. We have plans to have a nice little LAN test hopefully in 2 weekends. After that hardcore test, then we will release.

    July 11, 1998
    Ok, this is probably very simple, but I can't figure it out. How does one adjust the run speed for Quake II? If you can help let me know. Please only write if you have actually done this. I don't want a bunch of theories, but a practical example of an existing and working method.

    July 10, 1998
    A Little Help Please

    Ok, we're having reports that the 5.1 server is breaking, however these reports have provided no more information than, "Yer server's broke." If we could have a little more help as to the actuall issue. If anyone has been on the server while it was working and then seen it break, please send us all info you can. Has it happened after voting? or what?

    Second is that people are reporting that they can see cloaked or ringed players in tw for quakeworld. We never touched the eyes.mdl, so either this is a cheat, or people have downloaded a mod that plays with the eyes.mdl. If you are seeing this, and you do not recall getting a mod that changes the eyes or you did not cheat, let me know. If you have info about this let me know. Thanks.

    July 8, 1998
    Retirement Anniversery

    Today marks a rather odd event. It was one year ago that I announced my retirement from Quake. This was the date I posted it, I had more or less stopped caring quite a bit earlier. It's also strange that, as Dakota pointed out, I have been back at it longer than I had been doing it before retirement. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, follow this link to my statement. Many of the issues I lay out in that still apply today. So what has changed over the last year? The relavant changes are slight. Perhaps the primary one is that Quake in general does not have the rabidity that it once did, though it still does have some. I still get hate mail, just not on the same level as before. I'm sure I will have an awful lot after the 2.0 release. All releases bring out that stuff. There is still a LARGE body of people out there who exist with a mind set that is simply "TW sucks". However there is also a growing number of people who have claimed some ownership of TW in a warped way. They see themselves as being 'owed' by us and any time we go against their individual wishes or do not do something as they think it should have been done. This prompts a 'he's killing TW' response from these people.

    So if things are still very much the same, why am I not still retired? Well the basic answer is that I am more able to deal with all these things than I was a year ago. Other things such as having other projects to work on(EPIC, and others...) has provided me with escapes when it is all too much.

    So after it all, I am glad I am still doing Quake stuff. I hope you all read the retirement statement. It makes good points that still hold true today. I wish it was better written, but it was written under some....stress. It barely captures even a tenth of it all, but it captures it better than I could today. Remember, don't take anyone for granted.

    July 7, 1998

    After a lot of work and frustration, I have a screen shot for you from TW2 v2.0:

    Find the Spam

    Anyone out there remember the 'Find the Spam' website from several years ago? This was the greatest web site EVER! and I'm wondering if anyone knows what happened to it, or it there is another active version of it out there.

    July 6, 1998
    TWCTF for QuakeWorld 5.1

    ThunderWalker CTF for QuakeWorld 5.1 is up in beta form on geek.net. The only major changes are:

  • Removal of Overheat Message(the suckers who fell for this still crack me up!)
  • Protect should only be bouncy with splash damage instead of all damages.
  • Voting is in. Right now you vote by doing impulse 98, then within 10 seconds 66% of your fellow players must also vote. If 66% vote, then the next level is started. Initiation is clear by a {playername} voted to exit level. It is expired when a 'Vote expired' message appears. We hope to have associated sounds for the final release. Run around and try them out there. If we get no feedback, this is how it will be released.
  • Solaris x86 Binary

    Well I'm trying to get all caught up and back in the swing. While I do that I'll let you play around with the new Solaris x86 binary for TW2. You can get it here: solx86.tar.gz or try over on http://www.telefragged.com/eclipse for another site. Go to the downloads page on that site. That is the site of the guy who does our solaris compiles for us, so all solaris binaries for TW2 can also be found there.

    July 3, 1998
    I'm off to Green Bay for the 4th of July, so there will probably be no updates for a few days and also no further work will be done. Hope everyone, I guess mostly Americans, have a great 4th of July. Before you go blow stuff up and get liquored, maybe it wouldn't hurt to sit down and read the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. It's one thing to be an American, it's a different thing to truly understand it and know what liberty truly is. The 2 together are maybe a 30 minute read tops, so just consider, when is the last time you actually sat down and read them?(and go beyond the first 2 ammendments!).

    Also, please remember that if your are gonna get liquored, for God's sake do not drive! I don't want to have to report any sadness when I return. Be safe, have fun.

    July 2, 1998
    Yipes! (Stripes!)

    Shoot! I forgot to mention the interview I did with Quark over at Spoon!. Go check it out on their site(http://www.captured.com/spoon!). It's a short interview, so good for a quick read at work or something. I'll warn you that it was done at 1:00am my time and I can't guarantee coherent answers were given.

    Radio Sounds

    Ok, I've got radio sounds in right now, however I am looking for a little more feedback on them. Let me explain how they work right now. Right now you type "radio {eventsound}" at the console. {eventsound} is the 'help' or 'baseclear' thingy that explains what sound is to be played. Right now the server op can either allow or not allow radio sounds. If sounds are allowed, the client still has quite a bit of power. By typing 'mute' at the console, all radio sounds are muted. You can turn off the mute by just typing 'mute' again. If one guy is just really bugging you with sounds, you can type 'mute {playername}' at the console and only that players sounds are muted. Therefore, if you are concerned about lag caused by these sounds it is avoidable.

    Now for some questions: Is the 'radio {eventsound}' method good, or can you suggest a better method to play the sounds(note: the event names will be descriptive of the sound, like 'baseclear' will play an all clear type sound, etc.)? Also, right now a player can only play a sound once every 2 seconds. Is this good enough, or would you like more of a delay or would you allow a certain number of plays per second?

    Please write with any feed back to the implementation of the sounds or answers to these questions. I'll also take suggestions about what kinds of sounds there should be. As always, please present your statements in a well thought out and clearly stated method. I don't want a bunch of "That's cool!", or "that Stinks" messages. Also, the types of sounds does not mean "I want Beavis and Butthead sounds 'cause I'm a big loser" type mail, but for what events there should be sounds. Examples are, need help on offenes, need help for defense, coming to base with flag..etc.Also, as always, all mail received as an .html attachment shall be deleted. If you are not sure how your mail is being sent, I would suggest learning this

    July 1, 1998
    Jury Duty

    Well I just got done with jury duty and I'm quite exhausted. I won't say much about the case, but here is a hint: If one of your fellow jury members comes into deliberation with a statement like, "Well I decided before lunch that he's not guilty. Boy that officer is just a jerk!", you are in for a very long day.

    M&I; Bank Stinks!

    Our bank here was recently bought by M&I; bank. Now we're pulling out our money. This bank charges you $8.00 a month if your savings is not above $2,500 AND your checking is not above $500 at all times. Then they chard $.50 per check AND $1.50 if you use an ATM that is not M&I;'s(this is on top of the at least $1 the other bank charges costing a minimum of $2.50 per ATM card use). If you are considering M&I; Banking, please stay clear. If you have money there, you may want to consider your options.

    June 30, 1998

    Few things get under my skin better than the sound of people chomping on their gum with their mouths open. Even better is when they 'snap' the gum. Isn't it just fortunate that I have people on either side of me doing it all day long? Wheee!

    June 28, 1998
    Computer Problems maybe solved!

    Well my computer finally puked all over the place today, but I just got through an agonizing hour replacing the power supply and all seems well. Well see how it goes, but I think I'm back to full strength.

    June 27, 1998

    Word to New People

    A word to those new to ThunderWalker II for Quake2. YOU NEED TO HAVE BOTH tw2ver1a.zip AND tw2cl162.zip TO PLAY!!!!!! So if you don't have the maps, that means you didn't get one of these files or you didn't put them in the right directory. If you installed correctly, there should be a pak5.pak and a pak6.pak in your quake2\ctf directory. If they are some place else: Move them!

    June 25, 1998
    Radio Sounds Feedback

    Wow, I got a lot of really great, well thought out feedback on the radio sounds issue. Based on it, I have come up with an implementation plan. If, and only if, I can make this particular implementation work properly, then there will be radio sounds of a sort in Rolling Thunder 2.0. This is not a guarantee, but I have a cunning plan.

    June 24, 1998
    System Somewhat Stable; TW2.0 News

    As the title says, my system is somewhat stable right now so I will work until it barfs.

    As for Rolling Thunder 2.0, a few ideas are rummaging around this ole head o' mine. One thing is skins, does anyone know where I can snark a copy of Deluxe Paint? Mail me if you can help. Another is Radio Sounds. Radio sounds were going to go into 1.6x, but we called them off at the last minute. The reason was the incredible llama factor that I have heard plagues servers using radio sounds. However there is so much possibility with them. In simple terms, I'm at a crossroads: 1) do it 2) don't do it. I'm willing to take mail on wther or not you think radio sounds are a good idea. However this isn't a simple 'yes' 'no' question. You must present an argument for your side. If I can be convinced beyond that there is hope beyond the llama factor, and a good implementation can be presented, radio sounds may go in.

    A few more hopeful features are:
    Server Ping control
    Server modifiable sounds
    Internal Fixes
    Possibly speeding up run speed
    My stupid CTF Map

    And lots of other stuff, that may be mostly internal.

    Sorry again for the delays, but I want to do this right and don't have as much time anymore as I did at school what with working and all.

    June 22, 1998
    Allstar Front End Tip

    A little tip to those useing the allstar2 front end app: If you just want to run one of the servers, you only have to click that button once. The next time you run the app, just pick listen or dedicated and launch the server. It will automatically run the server currently in your ctf directory.

    Computer Trouble Update

    At first I thought my computer problems might have been a general house power problem, but now I'm pretty sure my power supply has died(or is in the process). I'm going to be down for a few days trying to move to a new box. Any updates will probably be made here from work. Sorry for this continual delay, but trust me, it's worse for me. Until then, enjoy those slick new Allstar2 maps, as well as that cool little server launching app.

    TW2 and Allstar2

    TW2 is proud to be part of Allstar2, but there is a small error. The version of TW2 is wrong, so make sure to get tw2sv162.zip and copy that gamex86.dll over the one in your quake2\ctf\thunderwalker directory.

    June 21, 1998

    Computer Trouble

    I'm having some very serious computer trouble right now that I think is the power supply, but I'm not sure yet. Until I get it figured out, I cannot do anything for Quake. Actually I can't even boot, I'm telneting in from my parents machine for this update. I'll try to keep everyone posted about my status as I am able. Obviously this is a set back and will delay some things further.


    Well it doesn't get more humiliating than that absolute failure in the Iran match today. Can somebody find a US player who can finish??!!! Quick playing with it and put the thing in the darn Goal!!! And since when is it good defense to give your opponent all the room in the world in which to operate? So you've got a great keeper, he can't do it all himself.

    June 18, 1998
    This Day

    Yup, 8766 days ago I was forced out into this cold, dark world. Dakota beat me to breaking the news, but then he wakes up so darn early! It's ma birfday; I ain't gettin' up before 10:00am!

    June 16, 1998

    Ok, I'm getting pretty acclimated here. I'm working mostly on Allstar2 and Grid Runners stuff right now. I've also decided that I'm sick of waiting for source. 3.17 source or no I begin work on Rolling Thunder 2.0 on Monday. I'll release a 2.1 or whatever after that source finally makes its way out.

    One more thing: Those wacky id guys! Always keepin' us on our toes.

    [OLD NEWS]