News Pages

Blue's News
The king of news pages.

Dakota has about the best CTF news out there, and that's not just 'cause he mentions us.

Yeah, we've had our differences, but over the last month it's been a really great news site thanks to Void and Joost.

he's in this section 'cause he begs so good.

CTF Pages

Dteam The people who did all the maps for TW2.
ThunderWalker Docs in French (TW fans will want to watch the flash cartoon in its whole)
Spoon! TW Clan News
Threewave CTF
Zoid's Threewave CTF home page. Hey, without this page, there would be no ThunderWalker. Also the place to get the unix ports, plus QuakeWorld files.

Xenocide Academy
Clan Xenocide has some great info about CTF play. They also have a nice collection of files, and some great anectdotes.

Clan CNN
Pretty much the first ThunderWalker clan, source of great news, mirrors, multiple servers, web board, and sheep pr0n.