Quake 2 Files

ThunderWalker II Files
(Required for server and client)

These are for QuakeII, by the way
These files are required for the for play.

This is the 2nd beta of 2.0. You must have this file as well as the appropriate ones below. It contains the latest server and one new file:
tw2beta3.zip(CDROM et al)

Linux (this is ALWAYS the most current linux server)
gamei386.so.gz(CDROM et al)

If you have never downloaded any ThunderWalker II files before, get this one. It is also highly recommended for servers. (win32 only, 18M)
tw2_2all.zip (local tw.net)
tw2_2all.zip (CDROM and affiliated mirrors)

If you have the ThunderWalker II files, and just need to upgrade, get this one (win32 only, 4M):
tw2_2b1.zip (local tw.net)
tw2_2b1.zip (CDROM and affiliated mirrors)

Quake 1 Files

Server Files

It is also a good idea for server operators to have the maps supported by TW4.0, since not having has a tendancy to make servers crap all over themselves, and we just don't want that now do we.

Client Files


If the above locations fail you, try these mirrors: