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ThunderWalker II Documentation(we're gonna work on it)

January 18, 1999


Computer crash tonight. Worst ever. Lost Everything. And I mean Everything. Gone.

January 6, 1999
Umm....Long Time No See

Ok, so you're wondering, what the heck is up with ThunderWalker? Well, lately not too much. I've been doing that starting a life getting settled in thing. So now i've finally reached a point where I can sit down and tell you all what is up.

I'm still committed to finishing TWII2.0 first, but it has been so long since i've really looked at it, i'm not exactly sure what is still broken. Basically, I need to schedule a test on a server somewhere and just play it for an hour and see what's up.

TW5.5 will still happen, just when is the issue, hopefully within two weeks of the completion of TWII2.0.

As far as the future beyond that, we have some plans, but want to work on them a little. In the next couple of weeks I will be floating our major idea for opinions.

Ok, that more or less updates you. Tomorrow I'll post more on the testing needs I have for TWII2.0.

December 21, 1998
Uncle Panda

I be an uncle as of last night. My brother has faithfully fulfilled the procreation duties so that I do not have to.

Oh, and I'm honest to goodness doing tw2 work. Want it in final beta by Christmas.

November 24, 1998

Farewell, Netscape, it was fun while it lasted.

November 17, 1998
Real Life Bad

Sigh, got me one of them dem job thingies and now it wants me to do stuff. Deadlines, and stuff will prevent me from getting any work done, well tw work, this weekend. I'll be at work through Tuesday.

November 16, 1998

I'd like to thank Kerbuffel for undertaking a very brave and important quest. To help make this quest even more dangerous and rewarding, I'll be wantin' to have a small test and release the TWII 2.0 final within a week.

November 11, 1998

I now have a phone lin, so can dial in and test stuff, though I need to get my own ISP, I do believe this is a long distance call right now.

Ok, TWII 2.0 is almost don(no faster fun speed, as stated earlier it wasn't working right). I'm working on a logging->parsing problem right now. Gonna have an alternate log that spits out html or text.

Also 70% done with Monkey Quake.

November 3, 1998

Just a friendly reminder to those eligible to vote in the US, don't forget to vote!

October 31, 1998
Plan of Action

First off, all files on thunderwalker.net have been moved to http. Let me know if any of the links aren't working.

Second, I just signed a lease and have a place to live. I should be moved in there by Tuesday. This means the computer will no longer be on the floor and will be in a position that makes typing easier, hence I can start work on stuff.

First to be worked on will be ThunderWalker II since it is in beta it needs finishing most. At the same time I will be upgrading the website to make the distinction between ThunderWalker II and ThunderWalker I clearer since many seem to have trouble determining that the files listed under the "for quake2 onlye" section are for Quake2 only. This will be a gradual process hopefully done in a few weeks. After TWII 2.0 is done, I will set to work on TW5.5 right away. That's about it for now.

October 26, 1998
Employed Panda

I just got me one of them job thingies. Nw if I can find a place to live that won't bankrupt , I'll be sittin' in butter. Just thought y'all would like to know these things.

October 19, 1998
ThunderWalker II: 2.0 Part II, Section II, Chaper II, Verse II, Page II, Paragraph II Sentence II.

The email came a-pouring in from my last update. 99% of it was anti-quake2 in general, 100% pro TW(big shocker, hehe).

Here is the deal: ThunderWalker II 2.0 will be completed, for no other reason than it's not cool to leave things unfinished. Hopefully this will happen soon. I can't guarantee a date 'cause my computer is on the floor of a room in my brother's apartment where I'm living until I get a job. This is a rather uncomfortable way to work, but we'll see what happens. Also, towards the end of November, or several weeks after the release of 2.0, there is a good chance of there being a source release. Also 2.0 will NOT have increased run speed, at least as it is in the betas. It's just not quite smoothe enough or what I want, so I'd rather it not be there, than be there only in a sorta capacity.

Finally, since I got a LOT of pro TW1 mail, and tw1 is currently a mess in the last releases, I will be maybe working on a version 5.5 that will involve me putting all the tw stuff in from scratch again to try to make it solid and pound out them boogs.

Thanks again for all the feedback.

October 17, 1998
ThunderWalker II: 2.0

So here I am in Washington, thinking about how I'm going to finish off TWII v2.0 with it's logical downloads(a tw first!) and such, and one question keeps lingering in my mind:


Why should I even bother? There are no servers running TW2 right now, so why should I even work on it, what makes me think there will be servers afterwards? This would be different if we could afford our own server that could handle TWII, but geek.net can't even handle a Quakeworld server anymore.

I get email at least every other day from people asking me where all the servers are, and I have to suffer the embarrasment of telling them there are no servers, which really really bites.

Will I finish off 2.0? I really don't know, if I can find a compelling reason to, I will, otherwise I'm having trouble seeing the point.

October 13, 1998

For those interested, or those who knew, I have safely arrived in Washington....now to just find that job...

September 28, 1998

I'm back from my Grandma's funeral. Due to this unexpected emergency and the fact that I move to Seattle next Wednesday. Most ThunderWalker work is officially suspended for a bit. I'll have the manual crap up by the end of this week, but will otherwise be way to busy preparing for the move to do much more. Thank you for your patience.

September 23, 1998

I was going to have manual contest details and such, but don't have time. I will be out of town until at least Monday night for a funeral, so don't get upset if I don't answer your mail till then.

September 22, 1998
Valley Server Down

Due to some problems with the machine that hosts the Valley TW1 server, we have had to take the server down. It will be down indefinitly, though we hope to see it's return in the near future.

Manual Stuff Tonight

Instructions and details for the Manual Contest will appear tonight.

September 19, 1998

Well we finally hit it. The big 200,000 visitor. Compared to sites like Blues it's not that big a deal, but we're rather proud of it. We'd like to thank all of you who have come to visit our site over the last year and a half, through it's many incarnations. There will likely be another incarnation soon, still working on some graphics for it. A big thanks has to go out to those who have supported us, Dakota and the late QCA in particular who were are only major voices of support in the very, very early days.

Coincident with this 200,000 hit is the 2 year anniversery of a Clan ThunderWalker. In the murky depths of time about 2 years ago, a few strappin' lads at Mankato State University came together as a clan. We had one clan battle and got kicked badly, then went inactive....but there is a *small* chance we could appear for a battle in the near future...maybe.

Big thanks has to go out to Jebidia Theodar Stormwaithe for sending us the Screenshot(167k, opens in new window). Once again, thanks to all.

September 14, 1998

I'm back from my Celine quest! And oh the stories I have to tell...well once I translate my notes which appear to be in some form of egyptian.

We are near the 200,000 hit plateau. If you are visitor 200,000, please send us a screen shot.

TW2 2.0 is still in beta and will be for a little bit more, I have some really hard decisions to make before the next beta then I will get it ready.

We received no entries in the manual contest, and frankly that's really crappy. Probably my fault for not getting the word out. contest is extended a couple weeks and I will be posting more info on this later, plus trying to p1mp it to the news sites('cept sCary who has ignored our last 4 emails and I pretty much assume he'll ignore this one too).

September 6, 1998
Whine, whine, whine

Oh look, the links page has a new link

Is Panda nuts?

Development might be slow for a bit. I have decided that I need to begin my holy quest to follow Celine Dion wherever she may go. I have tried for months to resist the siren call of the Porcelain Foghorn, but my will has collapsed. I will try to continue to update from the road and try to continue developing, but it may prove difficult since I'll be living out of my car and eating whatever I can steal from the fields of the great farmers of America.

I thank you for your support. I'm coming for you Celine! I have heard your call and will obey!

September 5, 1998
Zoid's Interview

Zoid has a little profile/interview on looniboi(or however you spell it, it's 3:00am so I ain't checkin')'s new site. Um....why lookee here, I even have a link for it. It says some really nice things about ThunderWalker(yes, I just linked the site you're on now, cope).

Moment out

We would just like to take a moment to say our thoughts and prayers are with the family of John Cash of idsoftware

September 2, 1998

Was perusing some news groups today and found that there are a group of people still spreading some misconceptions(lies?) about ThunderWalker II. They go at length saying that ThunderWalker II overwrites the CTF directory. This is patently false, since we use pak file numbers that no one else is using. The only thing that could apply is the .dll, and THAT only matters if you care to run a server, and since you can only run one server at a time(mostly) just don't overwrite that file, it ain't that tough.

So if some goober comes around and tells you TWII overwrites your ctf directory, you can tell him to go eat some spam! Sorry, this kinda upset me, and in the post someone was lording over that their favorite mod was more better cause it didn't overwrite the ctf directory like TWII did. What a crock!

Whoring Myself

I'm sitting here working on sending out resumes, and figured I'd try this too while I'm at it.

In 4 weeks I'm moving to the Seattle area. I have no job yet, am just sending out the resumes, but I figured what the heck, I'll ask on the page. If anyone in the Seattle area needs a unix admin, web designer/master or....game programmer :), Lemme know.

Yeah, this was pretty shameless and ain't gonna work, but I don't have anything to lose.(whore mode off)

September 1, 1998
New Month and Manuals

Nothing much, just figured I'd update while I remembered that I had to cahnge the month in the date bar.

Quick note on the Manual Contest for Rolling Thunder 2.0. Um...if you're planning to do one, could ya just let me know so that I can be prepared for what may come when they are due? Thanks.

August 30, 1998

Seems it is time for this announcement again, even though it is on the contact page:

Please do not send us mail in the form of an .html attachment. It will not be read. All .html mail is deleted offhand. If you need to get a hold of us, turn off the .html thingy in your mailer(it shouldn't be tough) then send the mail.

Ok, everyone clear? good!

August 29, 1998
Dakota's Move

Dakota has been safely moved to his new home. He still has a lot of unpacking and such, but it was a successful move(except for the temporary truck malfunction. Thank goodness for corrugated cardboard.) Dak will most likely be back around Monday or even Sunday night, but I just though y'all would want to know he was safe.

As one of those who helped him move, I feel compelled to share two facts about him. First, he has a fetish for lots of very awkward, heavy furniture...very heavy. He also has an aquarium that is approximately the size of Lake Michagan, only heavier, much heavier.

August 27, 1998
Rolling Thunder 2.0 beta 3

Beta 3 of TW2: Rolling Thunder 2.0 is out:

tw2beta3.zip (Local)
tw2beta3.zip (CDROM et al)

gamei386.so.gz (Local)
gamei386.so.gz (CDROM et al)

This release supports(I think) The Visual Weapons Patch. You are not required to have this to play, just get it if you want it.

Manual Contest(this was the contest mentioned earlier...)

Ok, we've decided to sponser a contest to see who can create the best TW manual for Rolling Thunder 2.0. This manual must be in the form of a web page/site(in other words do it in html). Basic rules are it must be accurate...but that's easy because we'll check it for you. Also all images/graphics used must be original. Have your first drafts in by September 11, that's 2 weeks. Good luck!

Beta still coming and other stuff

Beta is still coming out tonight. It fixes the stuff I mentioned below, biggest fixes are in the Protection rune which had some major issues.

With the beta release will also come the announcement of a new contest for TW2: Rolling Thunder 2.0. Members of the Rolling Thunder clan need not apply, well ok, if they want to, but what an odd name for a clan, I wonder how long they've been around?

Beta Out Tonight, Consarnit!
Later tonight there will be a beta out no matter what!

August 25, 1998
Um..no beta and cool things

No beta yet 'cause I'm lazy, plus don't want them coming too fast or else there are too many alternating versions. Wish we had more servers...heck we really need a home server of our own.

A really cool thing happened tonight. for the first time in over a year and a half(closer to two years) 3 of the founding members of Clan ThunderWalker were playing twctf on a server. It felt good. Thanks to Zen[tw](formally Shrike) and Zekenator[tw] for being out there tonight.