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February 20, 2002

ThunderWalker 5th Anniversary

There is an honest to goodness news update today! Sadly, it will underwhelm you. Today marks the binomo demo 5th anniversary of the first real ThunderWalker Release. You can see the orginal announcement. Sadly, we don't have much to offer by way of celebration. I almost wrote up that monkey quake I promised so many, many times fx pro review , but never got motivated.

Instead, we whipped up some lame-ass gear for it that can be found at Cafe Press. We make no profit on these things; they are available for cost.

I'd like to thank everyone out there who played and enjoyed fx pro demo our game. Even though the JeffK and asshole factors were annoying, knowing that so many people got as much of a kick out of this wacky stuff we did made it all worth it in the end.

This almost calls for an interview!

    --Panda o' Fire

UPDATE 2/27/2002: If anyone wants to send in pictures of their bad selves in the TW5 gear, we'll post 'em here. Or just laugh at 'em. Send the pictures in to me at the email address above.